The Remember November 11 Association

Our Mission

The Remember November 11 Association will operate as a group of concerned citizens throughout Canada to promote the Remembrance of Canada's fallen military and to provide leadership for communities in organizing events and providing educational material.

The purpose of our organization is to help honour the heroes of Canada’s Armed Forces, educate people about their actions and help guide the country with a variety of ways to honour the fallen Canadian Soldier.

We are also in the process of creating a comprehensive set of materials for our schools. This would include:

  • Developing materials and lessons about the history of our forces in the World Wars and Korea plus Canada’s Armed Forces in Afghanistan and UN missions.

  • Providing guest speakers for classroom interaction

  • Creating a series of plays to be used by to students to participate in "Living History Lessons".

  • Creating Online resources for both students and teachers to enhance current learning materials. This would include our website

  • Our new elementary learning kit called "Connecting with A Flanders Field" that aids teachers with teaching materials and poppy seeds for small school gardens or for kids to take home.



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The Remember November 11 Association - a registered non-profit organization since 2008.