The Remember November 11 Association

The Remember November 11 Association is a registered non-profit corporation.
Our Corporation number is 451634-6 as of March 31, 2010.

The group was formed in 2008. Since then we have normal board meetings and committees, though we are a small group. We have a long term relationship with Parkwood Hospital, where we go and have an event every summer, plus other retirement facilities in London and St. Thomas where we go and interview Veterans and have small events 2 or 3 times a year. It is important to let these people know that Canada still cares about their service.
In the past few years we have arranged several different student activities based on learning about our history and teaching them about individual sacrifices, our most notable being a play that was written about the Dieppe Raid and was performed at the Wolf Performance Center by grade 10 and 11 students from Central High School. We have 2 other plays completed, and are trying to figure out a cost effective way to get these out to teachers.

We have working relationships with the Veterans Memorial Parkway Project, London Celebrates Canada, CAVUNP, Korea Veterans Association, Veterans Affairs Canada, and the London Knights. We have worked with and provided support to each one of these groups this year, and most of them for the past 6 years.

The progress the group has made in 6 years is very consistent and we have worked hard to create good relations with many groups and have gained the trust of the Veterans community. We are continually working to grow these relationships and we continue to help out where we can.

The Association has also developed the Roll Call of Honour Website at, which is being used by many people across the country. We have done a lot of research to make the structure of the website robust and accurate, and have vetted the accuracy with many veterans and military groups. We want to start using this as a research project that teachers can use as a research project and a place where a soldier’s story can be told and a student can take some ownership of the page and the story of these people. We also add every Veteran that we can interview. This has become a very important project and could also be a way to help our group fund itself in the future. Right now it needs some work on the appearance, but the individual Tributes are great looking and when we print them off and display them people are taken with the story of the individual plus the proper representation of the military symbols and medals.

We are planning to expand the size of our group, and continue with some of the new traditions that we have started like the Remembrance Day Reception. This could not be accomplished without the support of some great people and the financial help of a few sponsors.
Our mission will continue on, and the more support we can get from our sponsors and community partners the more we can do. The torch is ours to hold up high.


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The Remember November 11 Association - a registered non-profit organization since 2008.