The Remember November 11 Association
For Educators

The WW1 learning kit "Connecting with Flanders Fields"

Grades 3 to 6 The research based learnung kit for the RollCall of Honour website

Grades 9 to 11 Our series of plays for Secondary School students about Canadian Military history called "Bootsteps in History"
  • We have 2 stage plays called "Dieppe - A POW'S Story: and "Korea through the eyes of a Canadian Soldier" and have 2 more in development about Native Soldiers and Afghanistan
Educational Material

Visual Displays about the Canadian Military
  • Animals of War -
  • The History of Regiments / Ships
  • WW1 -
  • WW2 - Battle for Italy - Battle for Normandy - Battle of the Atlantic - Battle of Britain
  • Korea - Canada's Role, several battles, the Peacekeeping mission
  • 47 UN Peacekeeping Missions
  • Afghanistan


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