The Remember November 11 Association

A community project to
ALL who served Canada.

Remembrance Gardens
2315 River Road
, London ON
at Veterans Memorial Parkway

Phase 1 and 2 are now completed. Remembrance Gardens was completed with a dedication ceremony on August 29, 2015. The main feature was the creation of the giant poppy garden feature, measuring 75’ x 75’ that is currently being groomed to produce poppies twice a year. In addition a new walkway has been added and the entire poppy has a 12 inch border of grey paving stone. Eventually these stones will have the names of those who served inscribed on them.

On the perimiter of the park we have started adding gardens to reflect our military history, and the plan is to have a timeline in gardens and boulders of Canada's history when it comes to military service.

The park has no funding, and our maintenance equipment and watering capabilities are very limited and labour intensive. Maintenance schedules and practices need to have proper resources so that youth groups, including Cadets, Scouts or Guides can plan a date and an activity to either come and do some work in the park or have a ceremony. In Honour of those who we commemorate we should have aggressive park maintenance to make this a source of pride to our Veterans, the families of the Fallen, our contributors, and the citizens of London.

Our History Preserved

We need your help to pay for the materials needed and we also need some people to help us work in the gardens. Anyone can help by emailing us at or by calling 226-973-3150. This is a big project and is a living memorial to the Fallen from the World Wars and to all those that served Canada.

We wish to thank the City of London, The Veterans Memorial Parkway Program and MakeItSow seeds and many others in our community for helping make this project happen.


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